Saturday, 30 August 2014

Starting on Christmas 2014 Soaps

Quick post on the first batches of soap I've made for Christmas this year. First up is my Tea Tree Soap, scented principally with tea tree essential oil, plus a touch of eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils to round things out. The smell is fresh and slightly medicinal, and I find that men really love it.

I left the majority of the soap uncoloured. The white is titanium dioxide, the green is the maniacal pea mica from Mad Oils, and the yellow is lemon cupcake also from Mad Oils. 

As they warn you on the Mad Oils website, the yellow morphs to orange in fresh soap. Within about 12 hours, it was back to yellow. (Phew!)

I also made a double batch of Sparkling Pear this morning. This soap is scented with Pear GlacĂ© fragrance oil from Voyageur. It's one of my favourites. The scent has a slightly spicy undertone in cold process soap that makes it perfect for the holidays. 

I used titanium dioxide to counteract the browning effect of this fragrance oil, and the end result should be a light tan. The top is textured and sprinkled with Grace Jones electric copper glitter from Mad Oils. 

There's lots more soaping ahead of me and I can't wait! For everyone else who is working on their holiday soaps, I hope you're having fun :)


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