Saturday, 3 May 2014

Toner for Oily Skin

I have oily/acne-prone skin with occasional dry patches, and one of the products that I've been wanting to make is a toner for my skin type. Though toner isn't something that I normally use, Susan from Point of Interest! has written a lot about how toners are great for providing moisturization without oils, which sounds perfect for my combination skin.

For my first toner, I've adapted Susan's recipe for an acne-prone skin toner. I had most but not all of the ingredients on hand, so my recipe is slightly different than Susan's recipe. My first batch is small (50g) so that I won't have wasted any ingredients if my skin breaks out.

HEATED PHASE (heat and hold for 20 minutes at 70°C)

64% water
25% lavender hydrosol
2% sodium lactate
2% hydrolized protein
3% honeyquat
0.5% allantoin

COOL DOWN PHASE (added once heated phased has cooled to 45°C)
2% panthenol
0.5% powdered chamomile extract
0.5% powdered aloe vera extract
0.5% Geogard (preservative)

The toner smells lovely, with a hint of lavender from the hydrosol. I had considered adding a small amount of lavender essential oil (with an equal part of polysorbate 20 to incorporate it) to increase the therapeutic value, but I think that the hydrosol is enough.

I'll post an update once I've used the toner for a week or so.

UPDATE (May 10, 2014): It's now been one week since I first started using this toner. So far, I'm very pleased with the results. I've noticed an overall improvement in skin tone and clarity. My skin also feels smoother, and I wonder if this is due to the sodium lactate in the toner, which I believe acts as a mild exfoliant. Given the results, I intend to keep using the toner and I will re-evaluate the results in 3 weeks time.


  1. Your toner sounds wonderful with all those ingredients! I don't have most of the things in your recipe, but recently I have been using straight German blue chamomile hydrosol on my face. I love it! I hope your toner is agreeable for your skin. :)

    1. Thanks Silvia! So far, so good. The chamomile hydrosol sounds like a great idea. I imagine that it's very gentle.

  2. This sounds like something my skin would love...looking forward to hearing your update Deirdre, thanks for sharing your recipe!

    1. It's quite nice Cee. I've posted an update above :)


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